Family Services

Assessment and In-Depth Diagnosis

Assessment services are available at both screening and diagnostic levels. Screening is appropriate for incoming students and is used primarily for initial placement planning and future progress monitoring. Screening is limited and does not provide a diagnostic label.  It is required for all incoming students unless a current diagnostic assessment report is provided which provides that information.  In-depth diagnostic assessment is designed to examine the current level of a student’s achievement using a full battery of testing. 

See Testing tab for more information.


Interventions, individualized instructional plans, are provided for all students Pre-K through the university levels.  These plans are developed using current testing results from either the screening done prior to starting the program or a recent diagnostic assessment.  Given the unique nature of learning delays and disorders, each learning plan is designed to address the specific needs of the student. Please read Interventions (See tab) to learn more.


Consultations are available for parents who are concerned about their child’s progress in reading.

Fee Structure

Third-party payments (i.e., insurance) are not accepted as this is an educational service.

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