Assessment Information

Assessment services are available either as screeners or diagnostic reading assessments.


Requires 1.5 to 2 hours

Individualized, in-office testing

Focus centers on specific concerns identified by parent or guardian

Parent input is provided through completion of incoming questionnaires, providing of grade reports (Pre-K to current time, testing report from private providers or school-wide testing, and sometimes input from child’s teacher.  Completion of executive functioning questionnaire may be included depending on student’s issues.

Typical skills include decoding, oral reading – accuracy and rate, spelling, basic sound-symbol identification, phonemic awareness, word list reading of real and nonwords – both timed and untimed, and other areas seen as important to screen when starting the program. 

Reporting to parent includes a 3-5 page summary.

Screener results guide later progress monitoring to assess formative progress.


Diagnostic Assessment:

The battery used in the in-depth, diagnostic battery follows the recommendations of related professional organizations, state departments of education guidelines, and the International Dyslexia Association.  

Achievement and cognitive skills are included.

Requires 10-12 hours completed in 2 -3 hour segments. 

Focus of testing aligns with guidelines as well as specific needs which are concerns and/or needs expressed when parent/student requests testing.

Input is gathered from parents, teachers, student using inventories and checklists. A student interview is included. 

Reporting to parent includes a thorough report (3 copies)